Welcome to the Kawkabani Family Home Page From Aitanit - Bekaa - Lebanon

عـائـلـة داود كـوكـبـانـي مـن عـيـتـنـيـت ـ الـبـقـاع الغربي - لـبـنـان

We come from a small town called Aitanit in the Western part of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.

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Daoud Kawkabani was born in Aitanit in 1865.He  married Bdour Ghattas in 1890 and they had four sons and four daughters. This picture was taken after George and Regina immigrated to the US.

George (David) Arrived Ellis Island US on
Board the "New York" ship May 27, 1911

(Married Sara Azzam)

Regina (Married Ibrahim Bouhasin)


Rose (Married Masoud Richa)

Maroun (Married Georgette Kotayta)

Khalil (Married Caroline Daher)

Toufic - Father John (Youhanna)


Xmas Season 2005 Pictures